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Pages from the 1999 IYPT in
Vienna, Austria

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Why I have restored my old IYPT pages

I was a member of the US team to the 1999 International Young Physicists' Tournament in Vienna. Recently I was contacted recently by Mr. Ilya Marchenko, who is putting together an archive of the IYPT dating back from its beginnings. He was glad that I had been documenting my experiences and writings, and said that my materials would be of interest to the community. Unfortunately he only had a saved offline copy, as my web pages had not been indexed by archive.org. I thus took some time to find and restore my old pages, for the benefit of the IYPT community.

When the pages were written

The following link will take you away from this site to a replica of my actual IYPT pages. I'm not sure exactly when I made the pages, though one of the pages (vienna.html) is dated June 3, 1999 which is after that year's IYPT. The other page (IYPT5.html) was written before the IYPT, though I am not sure when.

Visiting the old IYPT pages

Only two links on the replica site are currently active - the one going to IYPT5 and vienna.html. I have not edited the text, nor have I changed any of the links except those of the images so that the old layout will be visible. All the other links will be broken because they have not been edited away from what they were in 2003, since I was asked to preserve my files as historical documents as much as possible.

You may visit the site here, which will open in a new window.


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