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On Efficient Software Development and Analytics Targeting Massive Environmental, Social, and Geospatial Datasets

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PlanetMind prototype screenshot as of
June 1, 2013

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About Big Data Analytics:
I only post the most current, most useful articles I find while on the Web - if it's useful to me, it might be useful to you. Topics typically revolve around Hadoop, text analytics, graph databases, and more. Read the latest in Big Data Analytics


About Big Data GIS:
Almost every problem that involves multiple people or entities across space has a geospatial element. Read the latest in how big data can be applied to GIS. Check out Big Data GIS News

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From a single cell to organs to organisms, life has evolved
toward increasing levels of organized complexity.

Join the team developing the strategy and software that will
enable the next step forward.

Stopping climate change will take nothing short of a
rapid transition to renewable energy, which will require nothing
short of a rapid and massive coordination of people.

For more information on how you can help meet this challenge, contact Dahl Winters at the following address:


Also under development:
PlanetMind Renewable Energy Repository
PlanetMind FREE (Forward-Reaching Energy Economy)


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